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The Ruined Cavern

Midnight Cavern's main point point is to explore and raid caverns/dungeons. The game will feature a 1st cavern to battle and explore at the spawn section. It'll plan to look dark, gritty, and have ancient lookin' structures. Each Cavern will always have a main purpose of completing, for example, you can find relics or ancient artifacts that can be sold for a hefty price. Not to mention, each cavern will also include a boss. Remember, not all bosses are evil!

Cavern Bosses

Midnight Cavern will include a boss for each cavern. Each boss will always be different for each cavern. Meaning some might be stronger, some might be weaker, some might be strong in defence but low in attack damage. There's also gonna be a option to chat with them first. A dialogue option will appear to chat with the boss itself. There will be different ways to approach each one. But remember this, each choice of dialogue will effect your player's rep.

Simple Inventory System

Midnight Cavern's simple to use Inventory system will be one of the main features. It'll be designed to be used in every setting of the game, sometimes you may want to swap your armor to a different one in battles. Not only that, but there's gonna be shortcuts when you want to swap or equipt an item.

RPG Roguelike Combat

Midnight Cavern will deeply include a very comfortable & satisfying combat mechanic system. Meaning every move & animation & buff will always bring a satisfying mechanic just for the player. The game will also include a very customzed & detailed skill tree. This will bring customization at It's finest. Currently There'll be only three main classes to choose from, Archer, Knight, Mage. More will come at the future.